Phenibut Reviews: How to Demolish Stress and Anxiety

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This post is a compilation of all the information I’ve seen from Phenibut reviews, as well as my own experiences with this substance. See, what if I told you that there was a legal supplement that could completely and utterly destroy your stress, fears, and low moods? …And that if more people knew about it, Prozac, valium, and every big …


The 7 Benefits of a Vipassana Meditation Retreat

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Are you interested in Vipassana benefits? What you can gain from a retreat? See, Everyone from Oprah to Russell Brand is doing it, why aren’t you? I’m talking about meditation. In general, Buddhism comprises a way of living peacefully and in happiness while respecting others. But, a large part of this way of living includes practicing regular meditation, which in …

Priorities – What are the Most Important Things in Your Life?

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For the past while I’ve been getting pain in my wrists while drumming, a passion of mine for over thirteen years. Only my left wrist hurt after playing and this only started when I changed kits upon moving cities around a year and a half ago. It has been getting worse and worse. Recently, my wrists have been hurting continuously …

The Curse of Perfectionism

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Most people consider perfectionism to be a desirable trait. As a perfectionist you are sought after for being attentive to detail, analytical, always trying to do the absolute best, never quitting, never stopping, and making sure everything is of tip-top quality. No stone is left un-turned. No negatives are allowed. Everything must be absolutely amazing! I think you can tell …

Fear of the Unknown, Your Mind, and “The Now”

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Your mind hates not knowing. Your mind fears the unknown and loves the familiar. It loves knowing exactly what will happen, when, and will engage in self-sabotaging behaviors in ORDER to get what has happened before so it that much more familiar and re-inforce what it knows. It will make you assume what happened before in a similar situation will …