The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship and being a Digital Nomad (from Someone with Anxiety and Depression)

Noam LightstoneLife Lessons And Experiments 11 Comments

Entrepreneurship and becoming a digital nomad are probably the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve had anxiety and depression my whole life, and go through ups and downs, but entrepreneurship acts as a multiplier. The highs are super high, but the lows can be unbearable and way too much at times. And it’s not just me. …


Watching Superman Cry: How Showing Vulnerability Can Be a Strength

Grant WeherleyLife Lessons And Experiments Leave a Comment

I’m a big proponent of men becoming more comfortable with their emotions, and seeing emotional vulnerability as strength instead of weakness. Not only can this fix a great deal of anxiety and depression they face that’s completely unnecessary, but to connect more others, understand their own motivations (both healthy and unhealthy), and have MUCH better relationships with women. And girls, you’ll be …