Mastery of the Mind

Conquer Procrastination, Crush Anxiety, and Obliterate 17 Other Mental Wastes to Take Control of Your Mind, and Take Control of Your Life

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Depression Help and Pathologies In Psychology And Counselling

“I purchased and read this book. It is a life changer. People who put down this book without reading do not know what they are talking about. He covers all the tricks your mind plays on you and gives practical steps for overcoming them.” – Mark White, Review


book-of-freedom-3d-cover-smallThe Book of Freedom

A 30-Day Blueprint to Get Motivated, Build Unshakeable Confidence, and Love Yourself

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Depression Help

“My interest in reading was how can I improve my thoughts to become more productive. I have read other books in this genre but they were more theory based. This book impressed me by exploring many unspoken (but desperately necessary) areas of importance in all our lives. And also added a timeline and easy steps to follow to improve our lives. A joy to read.” – A. Josh, Review