Thanks for looking to contact me. I’m open to all opinions, suggestions, and more. Please understand that while I try to reply to everyone who asks for a reply, due to the sheer volume of e-mail I receive, that’s not always going to be possible (but I do read everything).

Before you e-mail me, please check out the quick guidelines below. Not only will following them make my life easier, but it’s going to greatly up your chances at hearing back from me.

Again – I’d love to reply to everyone, but it’d simply cause too much hair loss. Thanks for understanding and letting me keep some of my remaining hair. 🙂

  • Please keep it short. I understand you might have an issue and it requires space to be talked about, and I love hearing stories, but I simply don’t have time to read multiple novels every day. If you’re dealing with a problem or have a question, keep it to a few lines. Generally speaking the shorter your e-mail, the more likely I am to respond.
  • If you’d like to do a guest post, please send at least one sample article along with a link to your website and previous work. Tell me about why you contacted me and why you’d like to post here. All guest posts must be original and not previously published elsewhere. Please note that I very rarely accept guest post applications and usually seek them out from connections I already have. Also, generic “copy and paste I’ve read your stuff and I like it” e-mails will not get a response (yes, it’s obvious).
  • If you’re looking for help with your relationship, before clicking “send” first ask yourself, “Have I approached my partner/the person I’m thinking about with this issue?” This usually will get you along the right path quicker than anything I could ever do.

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