Acceptance: How To Love Yourself And Have Others Love You

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“I accept you.” There’s a sickness in our culture and society today. About shame. About judgement. About how the billboards portray perfection, no acne, no blemishes, no emotional issues. Everybody is crystal clear and smiling all the time, like the light shooting through a perfect prism. Rainbows and puppies and all that. It’s bullshit nonsense. Acceptance: Nobody Is Perfect – …

The Curse of Perfectionism

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Most people consider perfectionism to be a desirable trait. As a perfectionist you are sought after for being attentive to detail, analytical, always trying to do the absolute best, never quitting, never stopping, and making sure everything is of tip-top quality. No stone is left un-turned. No negatives are allowed. Everything must be absolutely amazing! I think you can tell …

On the Importance of Praise

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All human beings want… no, NEED love. When we were children we hopefully received much love from our parents, who cared for and nurtured us. Now as adults, we still need it too. We get it from our intimate relationships, our friends, and ourselves. And one of the best ways to show someone you love them is to praise them. …