What is Emotional Resistance? Why a “Technique” Won’t Work

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There are so many tools for improving yourself out there. I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re aware of quite a few. But do you find when you try to use them at times, they just don’t work? You’re wondering, “What is this emotional resistance? Why am I making myself feel worse when this thing is supposed to make me …

Live in the moment

2 Reasons Why Living In The Moment And Mindfulness Aren’t Going To Save You

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There’s a lot of talk in self-improvement about how living too much in the past or future is bad, as there is only this moment happening right now. There’s a constant chorus of “Live in the moment”, “Be present”, “Mindfulness“, and so on. But just because you are “present” doesn’t mean everything will go smooth. In fact, there are two …


The 3 Types Of Self-Improvement And How To Decide Which Is Best For You

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In my last post I talked about how you need to watch out for self-improvement “gurus” who don’t show you their flaws or the entire picture  – they promise you the dream girl/guy and the business without talking about their struggles or issues. But further within self-improvement I’ve seen a pattern of advice which I divide into 3 categories. Depending …

The Single Most Valuable Tool in Self-Improvement

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I am convinced that there is one thing above all else that will rocket someone’s progress in developing and improving themselves. It has nothing to do with reading a certain book, integrating a belief, or using a technique…   Give up?   It’s writing a journal.   Reasoning Behind Writing a Journal In weight training, the best way to see …