The Concise Guide To Overthinking And Overcomplicating Things

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Have you ever wanted to be stuck in your head and mired in anxiety? Have you ever seen someone worry and feel down and wonder if you can learn how to as well? What about being paralyzed by fear? Have you ever wanted to make life difficult and confusing whenever it doesn’t need to be? Well, do I have the …

Confirmation Bias – How Your Emotions Are Screwing You Over

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I’ve already decided on what I want. I know I’m right so fuck what other people are telling me and anything to the contrary” is a straight forward way to describe the psychological term confirmation bias. The problem is when this is applied to depressive thinking, such as “I’m a loser”, it can be quite harmful. How do you stop …

Anxiety or security - it causes fear. A girl is deciding what choice to make.

Why Do Fear And Anxiety Control My Life?

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Risk involves anxiety, and anxiety may come up with many choices that we make in life. But when you let your anxiety and fears dictate those choices you become a slave, with choice only being a figment of your imagination. This is serious. You only have one life to live, and you need to make the choices you want! YOU need …

Asking What If – Missed Opportunities, Regrets, and The Probability of Your Life Occurring

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What if?   How many times have you asked yourself that question?   What if I had said this… What if I had done this… What if I had tried this…   Then for each, what if I had ___ it this way, or that way, and so on…   We all wonder about different outcomes that may have happened …