Acceptance: How To Love Yourself And Have Others Love You

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“I accept you.” There’s a sickness in our culture and society today. About shame. About judgement. About how the billboards portray perfection, no acne, no blemishes, no emotional issues. Everybody is crystal clear and smiling all the time, like the light shooting through a perfect prism. Rainbows and puppies and all that. It’s bullshit nonsense. Acceptance: Nobody Is Perfect – …


The One Thing That Craters Mental Health Awareness In Society Today

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I once knew a guy who, for the sake of this article, we will call Jay. Everything seemed to be going well for Jay – He was always smiling, energetic, and his promotion business he recently started was doing well. He had a beautiful girlfriend, loved to party, and generally seemed to always be in a high state of affairs. …