The 3 Types Of Self-Improvement And How To Decide Which Is Best For You

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In my last post I talked about how you need to watch out for self-improvement “gurus” who don’t show you their flaws or the entire picture  – they promise you the dream girl/guy and the business without talking about their struggles or issues. But further within self-improvement I’ve seen a pattern of advice which I divide into 3 categories. Depending …

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Self-Help Gurus Suck. Here’s Why And How To Choose The “Right” Ones

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Self-help and personal development is an over-crowded market. I knew this coming in. There’s tons of people trying to give advice, feedback, coaching, etc. You can usually trace each site or resource down to one person, or so-called “guru”. Not every person likes that label, but let’s stick with it for now. It could also be mentor, teacher, or something …


5 Tips On How To Conquer Fear In The Moment

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The following is an edited excerpt from Mastery Of The Mind. Check it out if you are looking for some help on learning lasting habits and tools you can use to fight off things like procrastination, anxiety, fear, and jealousy. I have talked about progressive desensitization (the ladder method) as a fast and simple means of getting over fear. Basically, instead …


How To Improve Productivity – A Simple Cycle Based System

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When we get things done, we’re happy. It’s why so many of us want to know how to improve productivity. I had to learn how to be productive very early on out of circumstance. First in engineering school, when you’re sometimes in class from 8AM until 8PM with one 1.5 hour break during the day, still have lab reports to write, …


The One Mistake You Make With Positive Thinking And How To Fix It

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Positive thinking and learning how to stay positive is powerful. These are probably some of the first things you learned about in self-improvement. What you focus on grows, so if you are always assuming people are judging you, if you always assume something bad will happen, if you always contemplate anxious thoughts and churn on them… Well, you’re putting garbage into your …


The 7 Benefits of Going on a Vipassana Meditation Retreat

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Everyone from Oprah to Russell Brand is doing it, why aren’t you? I’m talking about meditation. In general, Buddhism comprises a way of living peacefully and in happiness while respecting others. But, a large part of this way of living includes practicing regular meditation, which in recent years, has seen an explosion of individuals praising its benefits about being more …