How To Recover From Burnout

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It happened again, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything. After getting my worry and stress levels down by reading How To Stop Worrying And Start Living, I have been doing pretty well. But then one night, I couldn’t sleep. What brought it on? Was it the constant pushing for work even long after work hours stopped because of my …


How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – Set Your Life Constraints

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Constraints aren’t always a bad thing. When solving problems in engineering and mathematics, sometimes there are too many unknowns to come up with a solution. I used to work on artificial heart valves and if you wanted to analyze how blood flowed through one of the vessels you stuck the heart valve in, you would have to know many variables: …

Things You Take For Granted – You’ll Never Be Grateful For What You Have Until It’s All Taken From You

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There’s a lot of writing in self-improvement about how we take things for granted and are caught on the never ending hamster wheel of wanting more. You have the common advice of being grateful for what you have – Please take stock of the fact that you can read, have the use of your eyes, have enough money to afford …


Does Becoming A Digital Nomad Help Fight Anxiety And Depression?

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s this whole new “work remotely from your laptop wherever you are” fad going on. It’s been mainly popularized by Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour Work Week. Tim and many others argue that the standard type of job, 9-5, mortgages the best years of your life for hours in a cubicle, 2 …


What It’s Like To Drop Everything And Travel The World, Part 3

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Sean Ogle talked about how many people who do a continual 9-5 grind for years become stuck in habits that they are not even aware of: watching TV for hours at night. Never trying anything new. Not working on personal dreams… I would extend this to say that anyone, including entrepreneurs, the unemployed, aliens, etc. could fall victim to this …