How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – Set Your Life Constraints

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Constraints aren’t always a bad thing. When solving problems in engineering and mathematics, sometimes there are too many unknowns to come up with a solution. I used to work on artificial heart valves and if you wanted to analyze how blood flowed through one of the vessels you stuck the heart valve in, you would have to know many variables: …


The Concise Guide To Overthinking And Overcomplicating Things

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Have you ever wanted to be stuck in your head and mired in anxiety? Have you ever seen someone worry and feel down and wonder if you can learn how to as well? What about being paralyzed by fear? Have you ever wanted to make life difficult and confusing whenever it doesn’t need to be? Well, do I have the …

A sexy guy - How do you approach him as a woman

How To Confidently Approach Men – Conquering Approach Anxiety For Women

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You may have read articles about how if you are a “21st century woman”, you should approach men when playing in the dating realm… But, perhaps no one has ever clearly explained to you WHY women should approach men (instead of men just approaching you), or how you can actually start a conversation with a man you are in interested …