Killing The Negativity In Your Life And Proven Ways To Be Happy

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You want to be happy. You want to have a positive attitude and live your life enjoying what is in front of you. Unfortunately, you might be held down by circumstances in your life that you aren’t even aware of.   Garbage In Your Life Is Holding You Down Why are you being held down? There’s a phrase in computer science which goes “Garbage …

Fear of the Unknown, Your Mind, and “The Now”

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Your mind hates not knowing. Your mind fears the unknown and loves the familiar. It loves knowing exactly what will happen, when, and will self-sabotage in ORDER to get what has happened before so it that much more familiar and re-inforce what it knows. It will make you assume what happened before in a similar situation will happen again, like …

The Single Most Valuable Tool in Self-Improvement

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I am convinced that there is one thing above all else that will rocket someone’s progress in developing and improving themselves. It has nothing to do with reading a certain book, integrating a belief, or using a technique…   Give up?   It’s writing a journal.   Reasoning Behind Writing a Journal In weight training, the best way to see …