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Self-Help Gurus Suck. Here’s Why And How To Choose The “Right” Ones

Noam LightstoneSelf-Improvement 7 Comments

Self-help and personal development is an over-crowded market. I knew this coming in. There’s tons of people trying to give advice, feedback, coaching, etc. You can usually trace each site or resource down to one person, or so-called “guru”. Not every person likes that label, but let’s stick with it for now. It could also be mentor, teacher, or something …

Authentic Expression, Communication, and Vulnerability – Are You Saying What You Really Feel, Think, and Want?

Noam LightstoneDating And Relationships 1 Comment

In beginning to read Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly, I can already tell I’m going to put it in my top reads. The centric focus is the concept of vulnerability and how it is the true measure of the courage a person has. By vulnerability, Brown means expressing yourself without a filter as you truly desire, whether positive or negative, …