How to Create Your Ideal Life: Set Goals and Craft Your Life Vision

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One of the most common things that’s done in the beginning of any self-improvement journey is to imagine what you’d like to be like, to discover your ideal life, to visualize, to make a bucket list, and to set some goals. This is done to not only keep you motivated and to get you to make something in your mind to …


3 Coaching Techniques Life Coaches and Mentors Use to Help You Reach Your Goals

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Coaches and mentors can supercharge your progress on your goals with various coaching techniques. You see, people have faced many of the same issues you are going through right now and you can take EXTREME shortcuts in terms of stress, time, and effort by hooking up with them and learning from them. As Tony Robbins says, “Stand on the shoulders of …


Mindset Mastery: How to Program Yourself to Be More Confident, Productive, and Successful

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Your thoughts are the only thing you have power over. You can take control of them and use them to build yourself up, connect with other people, and achieve success in life… Or you can ignore them and continue to struggle with low self-confidence, poor productivity, and unnecessary suffering. In this interview, 6-time #1 bestselling author, David de las Morenas, …

How to Systematically Face Your Fears with This Unstoppable Habit Stack (Guest Post at Develop Good Habits)

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There are tons of articles out there about how to face your fears. The problem is that they either just pump you up and give you motivation with no information on what to do… Or, the information doesn’t take into account drilling down to the root of your emotional motivations which can give you UNLIMITED power to push through whatever’s …

The 19 Mental Wastes You Need to Overcome to Take Control of Your Emotions, Mind, and Life

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There are things that you’re doing that are draining you of life. In fact, they’re slowly killing you. You’re probably doing some of them right now, you did some yesterday, and you’ll keep doing them unless you break out of the mindless sleep you’ve fallen in to. Because of traumas from your past, you’ve developed habits and mental wastes that …