Perdita Di Controllo – Why You Fear Letting Go Of Life

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As of writing this, I live in Toronto, Canada. I sometimes work at a café called Café chez Hélène. When I was talking to the owner about doing a webinar, I was trying to brainstorm what to do it on. She told me that whenever she is struggling to find an idea of what to write or sing about, she’ll ask “What do …

Anxiety or security - it causes fear. A girl is deciding what choice to make.

Why Do Fear And Anxiety Control My Life?

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Risk involves anxiety, and anxiety may come up with many choices that we make in life. But when you let your anxiety and fears dictate those choices you become a slave, with choice only being a figment of your imagination. This is serious. You only have one life to live, and you need to make the choices you want! YOU need …

A Breakdown of Bipolar Disorder

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This is the first guest post at Light Way of Thinking, written by my friend, Mike Mitchell. Mike is a charismatic guy who surprised me when he mentioned he suffers from bipolar mood disorder. I asked him to talk about what it’s like to live with bipolar on a daily basis.   Having a bipolar mood disorder (BPD) is not …