The 19 Mental Wastes You Need to Overcome to Take Control of Your Emotions, Mind, and Life

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There are things that you’re doing that are draining you of life. In fact, they’re slowly killing you. You’re probably doing some of them right now, you did some yesterday, and you’ll keep doing them unless you break out of the mindless sleep you’ve fallen in to. Because of traumas from your past, you’ve developed habits and mental wastes that …


How to Stop Worrying and Stressing

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“What if I run out of money?” “What if I fail?” “Why am I so tired all the time?” “What if they don’t like me? Incessant, chronic, and unnecessary worry and stress will sap you of all happy energy and literally kill you. Worry makes you FEEL like you’re doing something by going through all the possible scenarios, but it …

how to develop patience and persistence

How To Develop Patience And Persistence

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Sometimes I still get really down on myself and the self-criticism comes back. You’re striving to be better, make more money, be happier, be better in your relationships, not treat people like assholes, and get rid of your negative thinking. Some days you’re up, some days you’re down. Despite all the mental tricks, techniques, and habits you implement sometimes you’re …


How To Deal With Anxiety In Your Life – Calm Cool Collected By David De Las Morenas Book Review

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David De Las Morenas (website: HowToBeast), primarily writes about men’s fitness. Recently though, he has expanded to writing about stress, mental health, life habits and more. He’s published several Amazon bestsellers and I enjoy a lot of his articles. While his writing is definitely geared towards men, I’ve found that many tips he writes easily apply across genders. This is …


The 2 Fears Preventing You From Taking Action And The Cure To Finally Get You Moving

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Usually when you want to achieve your goals, you are your own worst enemy. You have to fight your mind saying you can’t do something because of X, Y, and Z… and those things are all usually just excuses, or fears. Being able to push through your fears is almost 80% of the battle in getting what you want. So, I enlisted Ryan Mulvihill to …

Live in the moment

2 Reasons Why Living In The Moment And Mindfulness Aren’t Going To Save You

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There’s a lot of talk in self-improvement about how living too much in the past or future is bad, as there is only this moment happening right now. There’s a constant chorus of “Live in the moment”, “Be present”, “Mindfulness“, and so on. But just because you are “present” doesn’t mean everything will go smooth. In fact, there are two …