How to Stop Overthinking and Get Out of Your Head

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A lot of the tools, habits, and techniques I talk about and prescribe on LWOT seem simple and obvious.

But just because they’re simple, doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile or effective.

In fact, simple IS better.

The simpler it is, the faster it works, the faster you can feel better and get back to life and being happy.

Often times with emotional issues you look for some complex thing to make yourself feel better, when the answer is usually right in front of you and you know it.

Feel sad or bad? Give it time, feel it, and it will pass.

Worried? Do something about it and you’ll automatically feel better.

If you’re anxious or depressed you probably do a bit of churning and spiraling in your head, multiplying your thoughts. Learning how to get out of that is essential to feeling better.

The #1 way I’ve found to do this is very simple:



I used to think I needed to solve all these issues myself, but this is one where someone else can solve the problem in literally minutes.

We’re all trapped inside our heads, our stories, past traumas, and habits… but someone else isn’t a part of that reality.

They can literally jump in, tell you what’s going on, and solve the problem instantaneously.

After I accepted I overthink a lot, and this was a simple solution, I just know that my friends recognize I overthink, and a quick conversation gets me out of it instantly.

And also contrary to my beliefs, they like to and want to help.



Again – This isn’t revolutionary, but it works. Fast.

And that’s what you need. Proven tools and habits that work.

Don’t overcomplicate things.

Just talk to someone, get out of your head, and get back to life.

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