The Bubble Effect

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Seen from a far, tunnel vision begins. You know what you have to do and once the anxiety is dis-regarded through by moving fast, being decisive, and being brave… you are beside them.

In the night time, in that dance club, you grab them with an opportune invitation that says: come on an adventure with me.

Grabbing her hand and making her spin and fall in place and smile at the excitement, words are exchanged and it begins to happen:

The bubble effect.

The other people wherever you are are merely supporting players in your symphonies of life. There are music, lights, and distractions all around. Yet, you seem to only be able to solely focus on each other. Everything falls away as your attention heightens and your eyes pierce one another.

Words mean less now, all is subtext, sub-communication, and body language.

I love being here with you. I want you. I want this, right now. This feels so right.

As hands trace lightly over curves and fabric separating bare skin from touching the other, creating small rippling waves and goosebumps, imaginations start to run wild as to where this will lead:

What do they feel like. How will they feel like. Is this going to happen?

It’s a mix of romance, fantasy, lust, fun, fear, nervousness, and pure excitement.

The mind releases a swathe of oxytocin and dopamine, and pleasure is stimulated in the body even further as soft lips touch for the first, second, and uncountable times.

Where did all my worries go of my day?

The adventure is attempted to be extended for as long as it can. When the fireworks happen and both want it there is no stopping – like a freight train, the two will not heed to any warning, distraction, or external stimulus.

All they need is each other in their own bubble.

Nobody else really understands, and nobody else can imitate the same chrysalis forming between those people.

And each knows that while such events can and will happen again, the experience can never be the same except with this person that is in front of them. It may not be as powerful.

Almost as an intertwining transcendence, a third emotional entity is created between the two from the bubble.

And the bubble may change. It may come up in different situations, different times, and it may last a few hours to a few years…

But when it does happen, it must be enjoyed to the fullest extent.

For memories like this cannot happen every day, and they supersede any drug, video game, or man-made pleasure.

For in these beautiful moments there is nothing but you and the person inches away from you. You can’t imagine wasting time in virtual reality or on e-mail. There is no time for overthinking.

The distance slowly closes physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Step by step, second by second.

The intimacy and rush crushes everything else in it’s wake past the first meeting and the two become stronger with the help of one other. Over different places and times. Over different struggles and triumphs…

If the partners are ready.

Image credit: Thanh Tran under a Creative Commons License, altered to greyscale.

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