5 Dating Fears Men Must Conquer

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Men (or more specifically masculine energy), are expected to lead relationships. Women want men who are confident and go for what they want – in life and with them. The problem is that nobody’s perfect. Many of us have an inherent fear of dating, hence the entire creation of the men’s dating advice community. We all have fears built up from …


The Guide To Empathy And Connection

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I am convinced that when it comes to social skills, there is one thing that will make people like you and think of you as an amazing person more than anything. It’s not how you look. It’s not how you smile. It’s not what type of joke you make. It has to do with connection – humans are wired for it. …

On the Importance of Praise

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All human beings want… no, NEED love. When we were children we hopefully received much love from our parents, who cared for and nurtured us. Now as adults, we still need it too. We get it from our intimate relationships, our friends, and ourselves. And one of the best ways to show someone you love them is to praise them. …