A couple following the 10 tenets of dating.

The 10 Tenets Of Dating

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Dating should come with a rule book, some tenets if you will, that both male and female partners agree to. Here are 10 things I would like to see written:   1. Do not use me. As a man, I am not here to listen to all your problems. I am not one of your girlfriends. If we have been together …

Anxiety or security - it causes fear. A girl is deciding what choice to make.

Why Do Fear And Anxiety Control My Life?

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Risk involves anxiety, and anxiety may come up with many choices that we make in life. But when you let your anxiety and fears dictate those choices you become a slave, with choice only being a figment of your imagination. This is serious. You only have one life to live, and you need to make the choices you want! YOU need …

15 Things I Learned (or Re-Learned) about Life from Grad School

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Coming to the end of my Master’s I originally felt depressed, annoyed, and angry that I hadn’t done all that I originally set out to do. But thanks to some outside sources, I was told that the degree isn’t about getting the exact goal done, it’s more about the learning involved. You learn how to do research. But I learned …

Priorities – What are the Most Important Things in Your Life?

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For the past while I’ve been getting pain in my wrists while drumming, a passion of mine for over thirteen years. Only my left wrist hurt after playing and this only started when I changed kits upon moving cities around a year and a half ago. It has been getting worse and worse. Recently, my wrists have been hurting continuously …

A Breakdown of Bipolar Disorder

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This is the first guest post at Light Way of Thinking, written by my friend, Mike Mitchell. Mike is a charismatic guy who surprised me when he mentioned he suffers from bipolar mood disorder. I asked him to talk about what it’s like to live with bipolar on a daily basis.   Having a bipolar mood disorder (BPD) is not …

Framing and Re-framing

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Framing is all about how you view a situation, event, occurrence, trial… anything that happens in your life. Recently with regards to a specific event in my life, it was a reminder of how important framing can be.   Nobody likes having anything bad happen to them. It would be great if everything was all roses all the time, nothing …