Phenibut Reviews: How to Demolish Stress and Anxiety

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This post is a compilation of all the information I’ve seen from Phenibut reviews, as well as my own experiences with this substance.

See, what if I told you that there was a legal supplement that could completely and utterly destroy your stress, fears, and low moods?

…And that if more people knew about it, Prozac, valium, and every big pharma drug company selling these drugs would probably go bankrupt?

I was skeptical and hesitant to try this at first, but I’m so glad I did. The first time I took it, it was like being a kid again with absolutely no worries, and just wanting to run around outside…

I was happy, full of life, and feeling great.

I’ve also started using it strategically for sales calls, dates, and socializing, and it improves everything there as well.

Imagine: No more worrying, spiralling, feeling down, or unmotivated.

And no, it’s not BS – There are tons of Phenibut reviews online of people using it to great effect.

In this article, I’ve written a complete Phenibut review for you. I’ll go over the supplement known as Phenibut, where you can get it, and how using it responsibly can change your life.

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The Triangle of Anxiety and Depression (What Makes You Up)

When I first started investigating how to manage and relieve my tendency towards feeling down and worried, I visited my awesome GP. He explained that there are three “pillars” which make up how you feel:

  1. Your inherited brain chemistry
  2. Your upbringing, past trauma, and life events
  3. Your current life situation and environment (e.g. debt amounts, job satisfaction, responsibilities, relationships, etc.)

When looking at these, you can see that you can’t really change point #2: What happened to you is what happened to you. You can work on accepting it with the proper tools and therapy so that the events don’t block you in the present, but not much else can be done.

Your current situation, #3, you can definitely work on: If you’re in debt, you can find ways to make more money. If you’re single and don’t want to be, you can take actions to meet people, get over your sexual fears, and all that.

The problem is that your brain chemistry, #1, can severely affect your ability to work through your past (point #2), or take actions in the present (point #3). If you’re prone to feel down, complaining, and being a victim…you may have inherited issues with several important neurotransmitters in your brain, like dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. These all affect your mood and problems with them might be severely handicapping you to the point where you can live your life.

Why SSRIs Can Be a Poor Option

If you go to a G.P. and say that you’ve consistently struggled with stress, anxiety, and/or depression, most of them (not all though) will recommend taking some form of medication. Or, they refer you to a psychiatrist who might lead you down that path in the end as well.

I would like to say that doctors push therapy alone, but most usually recommend meds in combination with therapy.

There’s nothing wrong with this solution, and in fact, combining therapy with medication is a very effective solution to learning new methods of managing anxiety and depression…

The problem is that most people can never get off the meds, or when they do, they suffer horrible withdrawal side effects.

Even when you start taking some of these drugs, the ramp up effects when you start taking them and the side effects WHILE taking them can be absolutely HORRIBLE. I feel for anyone who needs these to survive, but even the lighter variants have significant downsides.

Studies have shown that going on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication can lead to:

  • Weight loss
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lack of energy
  • Zero sex-drive
  • Life-long dependency
  • Horrible withdrawal symptoms (even with tapering)
  • And more…

Speaking of Phenibut and Lexapro, when I went on a MILD anti-anxiety pill during a significantly stressful part of my life, (I believe the pill was Lexapro), the first day was an amazing feeling…

But after that, I had to constantly pop Gravol to stop myself from feeling like I was going to puke. I also had problems focusing, headaches, sleeping, and more.

At that point, I swore I would never use anti-anxiety and anti-depressant pills again.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried many different combinations of things looking for tools, techniques, or supplements that could help with my mental state.

Someone suggested I try Phenibut given some of my struggles. I’ve tried a lot of supplements but never heard of this one. So, of course very curious as to what might happen…

A Sample of Phenibut Reviews: My First Time

In this Phenibut review, I’ll tell you about my first time.

In short…it was great.

Within a few hours, I could tell something AMAZING was happening: I was like a kid again.

Music sounded fantastic, I wanted to just talk to people and my friends, and everything was awesome.


Me on Phenibut for the first time.

All my worries, stress, tendency to go into overthinking


All I wanted to do was enjoy my life and to have fun.

I even felt my muscle tension in my shoulders relax.

You’ll see this all over the net looking up Phenibut reviews.

Here’s what happened:

  • 7:00 AM: Took my Phenibut and some caffeine (coffee hurts my stomach so I just take caffeine pills).
  • 9:00 AM: EXTREMELY happy. Music sounded amazing. I remember singing along and just being “into” songs from the DJ, Marshmello.
  • 9:00-11:00 AM: A continual rise in the mood, and wanting to go see friends.
  • 11:00 AM-6:00 PM: Incredible happiness, wanting to talk to people, write, and be in nature.
  • 6:00 PM-9:00 PM: Gradual decrease to being calm, relaxed, but still wanting to chat with people. Decided to go out.
  • 9:00 PM-12:00 PM: Out with friends at a bar having a great time. Zero social anxiety.
  • 1:00 AM: Slowing down and ready to head to bed (but not feeling drowsy), just wanting to have a great rest.

I woke up the next day after 10 hours of sleep but feel like I got 20. It was the most restful sleep in years.

No joke.

So you might be reading this and say it sounds like some illicit substance (it’s not, it’s a fully legal supplement in the Western countries like the US), and you might be curious about what it is and how to get it.

My Recommendation: I ONLY use Phenibut from Liftmode. You can get 10% off your orders from them by clicking here and using coupon code LWOT at checkout.

Let’s get into it:

What is Phenibut?

Phenibut, or as it’s known but it’s chemical name β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid, is sold as a nutritional supplement in North America, and a prescription drug in Russia.

It was originally discovered in the former Soviet Union in the 60’s and has been used to treat a wide range of ailments, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more.

Phenibut is even included in the Russian astronauts medical kit because it is one of the only substances that lower stress levels without negatively affecting performance. It’s a phenyl derivative of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA acting as a GABA agonist by binding to the GABA receptor. The GABA receptor is responsible for the regulation of anxiety and stress. The addition of a phenyl ring allows phenibut to cross the blood–brain barrier, significantly increasing its effects, compared to say just taking a GABA supplement, which has been shown to NOT work in helping with mood balance.

Chemical structure of Phenibut, β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid.

(Source: Wiki).

Is Phenibut Legal?

Currently, Phenibut is an uncontrolled substance in the United States, meaning that it is legal to possess without any sort of license or prescription. It is sold as a nutritional supplement. Similar laws apply to other Western countries.

In Russia, it is considered to be a prescription drug.

However, be sure to check your local country’s laws regarding Phenibut before taking or ordering.

Why You Should Consider Taking Phenibut

The reason to take Phenibut is to enjoy it’s relaxing, mood improvement results without the side effects, tapering needs, and withdrawal issues that come with most prescription anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications…so long as you take it properly and responsibly.

Phenibut can also just be used if you’d like to be happier, more social, and more confident from time-to-time or on specific occasions.

It’s also great for giving you perspective on problems that SEEM to be a big deal, but really aren’t…like the anxiety caused from cell phones and technology, or not answering your emails/text messages right away (SPOILER: Unless it’s something that’s an emergency or super urgent, it can wait).

Browsing Phenibut reviews from users online, you’ll see that as long as you stick to proper dosages, it can be an AMAZINGLY powerful supplement.

The Effects of Phenibut: What is Phenibut Good For?

Phenibut results in the following:

  • HUGE increases in happy moods.
  • Music sounding amazing.
  • Rock bottom levels of stress and anxiety. A great way to stop worrying.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Increased desire to connect and be social with others.
  • Better ability to be understanding and empathetic.
  • Easier to access the child-like “play” state.
  • (Towards end of dose if taken in morning) large amounts of relaxation.
  • (Towards end of dose if taken in morning) easy to fall asleep act as a cure for insomnia.
  • Extremely restful sleep.
  • Increases in pleasure, connectedness, and physical pleasure during sex (yay!).

In acute cases, it might even help you recover from burnout (though it shouldn’t be used to “cover up” what’s bothering you).

Now because of these effects, I’d typically recommend taking Phenibut regularly on a responsible schedule to help manage worry, stress, and mood balance. You could also take it at a great benefit for the following events:

  • Concerts
  • Social events
  • Dates
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Interviews
  • Sales calls/sales meetings
  • Weekends (for enjoyment)

What Are the Side Effects of Phenibut?

To make sure we cover everything in this Phenibut review, we need to go over the side effects. Now, there are no side effects of Phenibut so long as you stick to the responsible dosage guidelines and take Phenibut responsibly. We’ll get into the exact guidelines of how to take it later in the article.

However, you might notice the following minor effects:

  • Phenibut is not really a drug to take when you need to do intense work. You’ll have trouble focusing as you’ll prefer to be out having fun, though at lower doses focus is reasonable.
  • It’s harder to control impulsive decisions (again, you’re directed towards having fun). E.g., buying ice cream when you’re on a diet.
  • It significantly lowers your tolerance to alcohol. You should not drink while taking Phenibut.
  • Tolerance can build quickly, i.e., you’ll have to take more to achieve the same effects.

Who Should Take Phenibut

I’d recommend anyone who struggles with bad moods, worry, stress, or not being able to access a “play” state try Phenibut.

Who Should NOT Take Phenibut

You SHOULD NOT take Phenibut if:

  • You are currently on an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or any related medication such as from the SSRI family.
  • You have an addictive personality and cannot exercise self-control. e.g. You will only be allowed to take Phenibut at a specific amount/specific timing per week, and if you think you’ll have trouble with this then Phenibut isn’t for you.

The Different Forms of Phenibut: Phenibut FAA and Phenibut HCL

If you do a search online, you’ll typically find 2 forms of Phenibut:

  1. F.A.A. – Free Amino Acid
  2. HCL – Combined with salt

You can also get these options in pill or powder form, i.e., sometimes suppliers sell Phenibut in pre-measured out capsules. I’ve only used the powdered forms so I can’t comment if the pill forms are more or less effective.

With the powdered form, you’ll need to buy a small scale to measure out your Phenibut to make sure that your dosage is right. I suggest you go for the powdered form (which is also cheaper than the pill form) and pick up a small scale for less than $1 on eBay to measure your doses out. Just search for “medicine scale” on eBay.

On to F.A.A. vs. HCL:

The F.A.A. form of Phenibut has a slightly bitter taste and is not very soluble in water. What this means is that you’ll find “chunks” of Phenibut floating in the water, and you can’t really mix them in.


Phenibut HCL will disappear when dissolved in water as above. On the other hand, Phenibut F.A.A. will float on the top like baking soda and appear “clumpy”.

But when looking at F.A.A. compared to HCL, the F.A.A. Version is:

  1. Absorbed much more rapidly, meaning you feel the effects faster.
  2. As much as 3 fold more efficient by weight, meaning that you only need to take 1/3 as much of the F.A.A. form when compared to the HCL version to get the same effect.

Now when looking at the HCL version of Phenibut, the main advantage is that it is MUCH easier to handle. One of the downsides of the F.A.A. form is that the powder can get everywhere, and you might lose a lot of Phenibut. The HCL form is far cleaner and is less “chalky”. Think of the difference between handling baking soda (F.A.A.) versus handling table salt (HCL). The HCL form is also much easier to dissolve in water.

However, the HCL form has a VERY STRONG sour taste. While you’ll taste this with the F.A.A. Form, it’s REALLY pronounced in HCL.

For the best effects and bang for your buck, I recommend you get the powder F.A.A. version, which you can check out here.

How Does Phenibut Taste?

While I’d like to make everything positive in this Phenibut review there’s no sugar coating this: Phenibut tastes pretty bad. As I mentioned while the F.A.A. version tastes a bit better than the HCL form, it’s still extremely salty.

Just be prepared for it and know that you can’t get something good without going through a bit of pain. 😉

I usually just try to mix in the F.A.A. powder as best I can with water (though they’re pretty insoluble and usually just end up as clumps floating on the top of the water), and down it as fast as I can.

Some people mix the Phenibut with fruit juice to mask the taste, which you can try as well.

How Much Does Phenibut Cost?

One of the great things about Phenibut, especially when compared to something like a prescription anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication, is how dirt cheap it is…

For example, 200g of Phenibut F.A.A. is listed at $66.88 on LiftMode. Because you should only take a maximum of 4 g per week, that’s an entire year’s supply of Phenibut. You pay $1.28 per week for this supplement to help your mood. That’s pretty amazing, when compared to one month’s work of 5mg Lexapro, a common anti-anxiety medication, you’re looking at $200.

 Price for a Year’s Supply of Lexapro (Common Anti-Anxiety Medication) = $2400

Price for a Year’s Supply of Phenibut = $69

Phenibut and Caffeiene: Why You Should Always Take Caffeine (or Drink Coffee) with Phenibut

Because there’s a long come up time with Phenibut and you shouldn’t eat for the first 3-4 hours, caffeine is great to take, as it suppresses your appetite. When you take caffeine and Phenibut, the Phenibut will cancel out the “jittery” effects of caffeine (like L-theanine does), so they work well together.

You can also just drink Phenibut coffee, where you either dump the Phenibut in there, or take the Phenibut and drink coffee right after. I’d recommend the latter, as the bitter Phenibut and bitter coffee might be a bit too much.

The bigger reason to use caffeine is that Phenibut is an acidic compound, so an acidic environment is best for its absorption. With an empty stomach (clear stomach acid), and caffeine (which promotes an acidic stomach environment), absorption rates and levels drastically increase.

I prefer using caffeine pills like these instead of drinking coffee because, with a cup of coffee, you’ll never know how much caffeine you’re getting exactly…It could be 25mg or 250mg.

…Be like a scientist and be exact ;).

How to Take Phenibut

Here’s how to take Phenibut to get the best effects:

  1. Wake up early in the morning and take it.
  2. Take your dosage of Phenibut, along with 25-100mg of caffeine, depending on your tolerance level.
  3. Wait at least 3 hours before eating, 4 if possible…but don’t hurt yourself.

Phenibut Dosage: How Much to Take

You’ll have to play around with the levels to see how you react. However, START WITH A LOWER DOSE THE FIRST TIMES so you can check to see what will happen.

It will be some trial and error to see what works, and how much caffeine you need to take as well.

Again: Be like a scientist, note down exactly what you do, and how you feel.

Here are some rough guidelines:

Recreational or fun dose = 0.5g-2g

Working dose (if you want to be able to focus and concentrate) = 1/2 of what you take as your recreational dose

I’ve found that these levels work, e.g., if I take around 1.5g as my fun dose, I can take around 0.75g during the work week and still concentrate, but I get to enjoy the mood boosting effects and great sleep. 🙂

At first, start with 0.5g on a weekend with whatever level of caffeine you think is best.


If you’ve been drinking coffee for a long time and/or you’ve got some muscle, go for 100-200mg. If you don’t drink coffee much or are a smaller person, start with 25mg.

Sleeping” Dose of Phenibut

At higher dosage levels and without caffeine, Phenibut is supposedly a great sleep aid and reduces insomnia. I don’t have any personal experience with this because I prefer to use Phenibut for its mood boosting effects and enjoy the great sleep after a day on it.

However, from what I’ve read and heard from Phenibut reviews if you take somewhere in the range of 2.5-3g a few hours before bed, you’ll feel very relaxed so it really helps promote a good sleep pattern.

How Often Can You Take Phenibut?

You can take Phenibut twice a week.

Take it only twice a week, preferably equally spaced (e.g. 3-4 days apart, both times). This prevents withdrawal symptoms and also limits the tolerance you build up.

What’s The Maximum Dosage of Phenibut you can Take?

You can take up to a maximum of 4 g of Phenibut a week.

The Importance of Cycling Phenibut (How to Avoid Tolerance of Phenibut and How to Be Safe with Phenibut)

Every so often, you’ll start to feel that you need more Phenibut to get the same results. This is because tolerance to Phenibut does build up fast.

By spacing out your doses of Phenibut 3-4 days apart, you’ll prevent tolerance from happening faster, but it will still happen.

That’s why it’s important that every 1-2 months, or when you start to feel like you aren’t getting the same effects as you used to, that you take 2-4 weeks off of Phenibut to wipe the slate clean.

Then when you come back, you’ll find that your tolerance has gone down and you can take less to get the same effects again.

Another reason for the cycling is that there are no long term studies as to the effects of Phenibut on humans. This is the case with many supplements.

I follow Tim Ferriss’ recommendation, where he said that if there are no long term studies, be safe (e.g. stick within the recommended dosage guidelines), and every so often, take a break from the supplement.

What Happens If You Take More Than the Recommended Dosage of Phenibut?

If you start taking more than the weekly recommended dosage of Phenibut, or more often, you might get into problems with withdrawal and addiction.

Not only will you NEED to take Phenibut to feel OK, but you’ll be in for a lot of pain and suffering if you don’t take it.

Again, Phenibut acts on the GABA receptors in your brain similar to what a SSRI might do. While Phenibut took responsibility gives you great benefits without the terrible side effects and withdrawal symptoms of typical SSRIs, anti-anxiety medications, and anti-depressants, taking Phenibut irresponsibly can result in:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Increased anxiety levels
  • Panic
  • Addiction/needing to take it to feel “normal”
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fast heart rhythms

You can read more about Phenibut withdrawal here.

Don’t be worried though: If you follow the guidelines in this article and stick to the recommended dosage levels, you should be fine. Please be safe!

There are many detailed guides if you are suffering from Phenibut withdrawal, including using things like L-theanine for Phenibut withdrawal (it’s a supplement discussed later on in this article).

If you are dealing with withdrawal, please head over to the Phenibut Sub-Reddit and ask for help.


What Happens If You Start to Notice Withdrawal Symptoms, Even When Sticking within Dosage Guidelines?

You may start to notice slight withdrawal symptoms if you’ve been taking Phenibut consistently for a long time, even within the recommended guidelines.

By slight, I do mean slight. Withdrawal is a serious thing and usually happens to people who start taking 3-5g every single day, and then they FEEL it.

Slightly lower moods and maybe being a bit irritable is what I’m referring to.

If you’re concerned at all, no stress. 🙂 Begin “tapering” off your dosage of Phenibut, cutting consumption down say by 25% each week, until you don’t take any, and take a nice long 1-2 month break off of it to reset your body.

How Long Phenibut Takes to Work

After taking Phenibut, the stages will run similar to this:

  • 2 hours after taking – a slight increase in mood, music sounds better.
  • 3-4 hours after taking – noticeable increase in mood and happiness.
  • 4-6 hours following – Highest levels of effects from Phenibut. HUGE decrease in stress and fears (the “Not Giving a Fuck” Stage). Feeling like a kid and wanting to talk to people.
  • 2-4 hours following – Relaxation, but also still having the desire to socialize.
  • Following this – Getting sleepy, and wanting to have a good rest.
  • Upon wake up (24 hours after) – Feeling refreshed, happy, recharged. Afterglow effects of relaxed and positive mood.

How to Extend the Effects of Phenibut

I’m ADAMANT on sticking to the recommended dosages of Phenibut. It’s a great supplement that helps me out a lot, and I don’t want to abuse it.

But, I obviously love the effects.

I’ve found that supplementing on my off-days of Phenibut with L-theanine can extend some of the relaxing/positive effects of Phenibut. L-theanine is very well tolerated and helps with relaxation and mood. You’ll find it in things like green tea.

L-theanine is safe to take daily for the rest of your life (no withdrawal issues like Phenibut) up to a maximum of 1200mg daily (see here).

However, I usually take 1-150mg pill in the morning, and the 1-150mg pill at night before bed. I use Suntheanine, and I’ve found it to be far more powerful than other brands that I’ve tried.

Where to Buy Phenibut (the Best Source) + Scams

Unfortunately, as with any supplement, the quality of the substance can vary drastically depending on the supplier, and some have been splicing in bad things with Phenibut that make it unsafe to take.

I can’t compare brands because I’ve only stuck with one that I know works well and is pure, and that’s Phenibut from LiftMode.

Not only is the stuff good, but they guarantee delivery even when going into international countries. So even if your Phenibut gets held up at customs, they’ll refund your money or send you a new container.

I recommend you take the F.A.A. Version.

Phenibut for Anxiety

As you have probably guessed by now, Phenibut is great for anxiety.

Not only is Phenibut great for social anxiety helping you “come out of your shell”, bringing down walls, and making you more open to express yourself…

But it’s also great to relieve some stress…even on the weekend.

Again though, Phenibut is NOT medication. You do not take Phenibut every day as you would like a typical SSRI. Always check with your Doctor or medical professional before proceeding with something like this to make sure that you are staying safe.

Phenibut and Depression

Phenibut is also great for bringing you out of low moods. I’ve found that when I’m stuck in the “the grey clouds”, negative thinking, or dealing with the uncertainty of life and the future, Phenibut helps pull me out, and give me a new perspective compared to staying stuck where I was before.

While using Phenibut for depression is not appropriate (again, only a medical professional can truly decide your treatment course), it’s my opinion from personal experience that Phenibut can help show you some of the “glass half full” things you might be missing.

What to Do Alongside Taking Phenibut to Help Your Stress, Worries, and Low Moods (Phenibut Is Not Enough)

As I keep repeating over and over in this Phenibut review, it is NOT something to take daily, and you’ll need to cycle it here and there to maintain its positive effects, make sure you don’t build high tolerance, and to give your neurotransmitter sites a break.

While it’s a great supplement, there is no “magic pill” for anxiety and low moods…There will be days when you’re wondering how to get motivated to achieve your goals and maybe even just get out of bed.

That’s why in addition to taking Phenibut, you need to be working on building good lifestyle habits to support and manage yourself. If I didn’t have a lot of these things reasonably under wraps, I’d be screwed.

Here’s a short list I recommend:

1. Meditation

Meditation has been a game changer for me: I’m quickly and more able to see unproductive thought patterns and get out of them. I’m also more chill overall and handle stress WAY better, i.e. taking a big dose of what Tim Ferriss coined as CTFO – chilling the fuck out.

Though I’ve done 10-day long meditation retreats under the Vipassana tradition, I use the Headspace app daily now, and I prefer it for its guided instructions. I also like how Headspace has themed packs, for example, on stress, anxiety, depression, happiness, and more.

They give you the first 10-days of meditation for free, so try it out here: (Android, Apple Store). Highly recommended.

2. L-Theanine

As I mentioned above, L-Theanine is a great supplement to take for reducing stress, increasing your mood, and just being more relaxed.

I’ve seen studies citing a maximum daily dose of 1200mg, and the pills I take are in 150mg capsules. I usually only take 2 a day (one in the morning, and one at night), but I might increase this to see if I see noticeable changes.

Be sure to only take this 5x a week max to again give your receptors a break. Cycle it every few months if you start noticing your tolerance building up. I would not recommend doing an L-theanine Phenibut combination as I have not read anything about the safety of combining the two supplements.

3. Friends

My friends have been the BIGGEST “thing” in helping my mood and state, alongside working on being more vulnerable and open to them when I need help.

I cannot stress enough that society today is isolating us with screens and devices. Sure, technology allows for amazing international work, collaboration, making amazing art, etc…But when abused or if you can’t wane yourself off of it, or if you don’t have social support, you WILL suffer when the hard times come in life…and they will.

In fact, a study by the University of Adelaide has shown that social isolation is as bad or WORSE for your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.

Make sure you have good friends/support systems to hang out with and lean on, in case things get tough.

4. Magnesium

I’ve also started recently trying magnesium as a bedtime supplement, after reading recommendations around. It does seem to slow my mind down and let my body relax, and in times of stress, magnesium levels in the body are depleted, so it can be good to recharge those.

Magnesium supplements are also extremely cheap. I take these Doctor’s Best magnesium supplements from iHerb without any other additives. Many magnesium supplements come with extra added supplements like calcium for helping with absorption but I prefer them “naked”.

You can also taking an over-the-counter, or otc sleep aid to help you.

5. Exercise and Diet

There have been many studies showing how exercise releases “happy” chemicals like dopamine, which can boost your mood and make you feel better.

There’s a reason why people say exercise “clears their head”…I often find that after the gym I want to record videos because a lot of my thoughts crystallize, and if I’m stuck on something, just taking a walk really helps.

Sitting, or even standing, at a desk all day is not what the human body was made to do…

And related, if you’re stuffing your body full of McDonald’s and ice cream, you’re going to feel like crap. You’ll get an initial rush and then just a huge spiral down.

There’s nothing wrong with a cheat meal here or there, but make sure you’re getting good nutrients in from whole foods, meat, healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, nuts,…), and tons of fruits and vegetables.

Remember: Don’t Use Phenibut as a Cover Up for Your Problems

Update for October 2019

It’s been a bit over 2 years since I published this article and I use Phenibut much more sparingly than two times a week.

I know I sound like a broken record in this article, but I want to make this very clear:

  • Stick to the dosage guidelines.
  • Always start with a MUCH smaller dose, and then work your way up.
  • Two times a week is the MAXIMUM. To be safe, you might only want to do once a week.
  • Cycle the use after a month or so (stop taking it for a month).
  • Read and know about the risks.
  • Talk to your doctor, and follow their advice.

Phenibut is NOT a substitute for solving the actual problems going on in your life. Just like some people use alcohol or video games as a means to escape, others might use something like this.

Phenibut is a great tool when used responsibly and you can have a lot of fun. It is not something to abuse or to take to make everything go away: You still need to be actively addressing the issues or defining your priorities in your life.

Be safe!

OK: Adult rant over 🙂

Conclusion / Wrap Up

While Phenibut isn’t something you can take every day, it’s been a game and life changer for me. As opposed to dealing with nasty side and withdrawal effects from harsh anti-depressants, I’ve found that with a good combination of life habits and using Phenibut within its recommended dosage guidelines, I’m 1000x happier.

Any supplement is not a cure all, and if you’re extremely unhappy in your life, your emotions are pointing you in the direction of taking action to fix things.

No drug can change that.

But from reading Phenibut reviews, it’s clear that Phenibut is great for amplifying the positive, clearing your mind of a lot of blockages, and having a great fucking time. 🙂

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